Started with embedded arm

In this post I ref to FriendlyARM Tiny6410 board. This board is not so popular (since at the time I bought this board, I did not have much experience with embedded ARM to choose a right one, poorly).


S3C6410 Datasheet.pdf
Tiny6410 User manual.pdf


Arch / CPU / SoC / Board

FriendlyArm Tiny6410 board </br> CPU: 533 MHz Samsung S3C6410A ARM1176JZF-S with VFP-Unit and Jazelle (max freq. 667 MHz) </br> RAM: 256 MB, 32 bit Bus </br>

  • Arch: ARMv6Z - define instruction sets and registers (
  • CPU: S3C6410A/ARM1176JZF-S - S3C6410A is a specific processor design base on the core design ARM1176JZF-S, this CPU will load and execute instructions defined instruction sets
  • SoC: S3C6410 - contain a CPU and other components
    • Memory: RAM, SRAM, SDRAM…
    • Interface IC (intergrated IC): ADC, DAC, UART, USB, SPI, I2C…
  • Board: Tiny6410 - a board of circuit that connect SoC and input/output devices
    • Inputs: Switch, Buttons, Keyboads, Touch, Mic…
    • Outputs: LEDs, LCD, Speaker…

ARM core naming (ex: ARM11/76/JZF-S)

  • Family Version Number: 11
    Standard feature (not need include after ARM7TDMI):
  • T/T2: Thumb/Thumb2 instruction support
  • D: JTAG debugging
  • M: Fast Mutilplier
  • I: Embedded ICE module
    New feature:
  • Memory interface:
    • 26/36/76: MMU
    • 46: MPU
  • J: Jazelle DBX Technology
  • Z: Trust Zone
  • F: Floating point
  • S: Synthesizable