Add rename tab shortcut gnome connection manager


Gnome Connection Manager is a good utility for you to connect to remote host using SSH. In my usage, I see that It would be nice if we have a shortcut to rename tab when you have multiple tab open. To do that I have added some code here

On my system, gnome-connection-manager is intalled into /usr/share/gnome-connection-manager/ So let open it and add some code as below:

Step1: add _RENAME_TAB var right after _CONNECT at line 246

_CONSOLE_RECONNECT = ["console_reconnect"]
_CONNECT = ["connect"]
_RENAME_TAB = ["rename_tab"]

Step2: add _RENAME_TAB to shortcuts table also after code for _CONNECT at line 1322

    scuts[cp.get("shortcuts", "rename_tab")] = _RENAME_TAB
    scuts["CTRL+T"] = _RENAME_TAB

Here I use CTRL+T becase CTRL+R are used for search history command in linux (you can remember it with Tab or Title)

Step3: Add code to handle _RENAME_TAB also after code for _CONNECT at line 586

elif cmd == _CONNECT:
elif cmd == _RENAME_TAB:
    curLabel = wMain.nbConsole.get_tab_label(widget.get_parent()).label
    curTitle = curLabel.get_text().strip()
    text = inputbox(_('Renombrar consola'), _('Ingrese nuevo nombre'), curTitle)
    if text != None and text != '':
        curLabel.set_text("  %s  " % (text))

Now you can re-run gcm and press CTRL+T to rename tab