Install jekyll on window

  • Download ruby installer (ex: Ruby 2.2.5 (x64)) and install ruby installer
  • Add ruby dir to environment variable

  • Download and install NodeJS NodeJS

  • Download and install python (ex: ver 2.7) python download
  • Add python to environment variable

  • Open cmd window and install jekyll

    gem install jekyll

  • RubyGems SSL errors on Ruby for Windows (RubyInstaller) RubyGems SSL errors, RubyInstaller

  • Use gist in jekyll

    gem install jekyll-gist
    add jekyll-gist into gems in _config.yml as below
    gems: [jekyll-gist]

  • Liquid Exception B: certificate verify failed

    Download a cacert.pem for RailsInstaller

  • Run jekyll

    Go to github page source directory
    jekyll serve

github page bloging with is a web based application that is a github content editor. it has support to make bloging on github page more easily. To use it just add prose configuration in github page config.yml as mine here sample config.yml, go to prose’s wiki for more infomation.