Build and install apache-httpd

My environment
$ pwd
$ ls
httpd-2.4.18  httpd-2.4.18.tar.gz
$ cd httpd-2.4.18
$ mkdir prefix
$ ./configure --prefix=/home/dvn000/http/httpd-2.4.18/prefix/
configure: error: APR not found. Please read the documentation.
# Download apr and apr-ultil into srclib
$ ls srclib/
apr-1.5.2.tar.gz  apr-util-1.5.4.tar.gz
$ cd srclib
$ tar -xzvf srclib/apr-1.5.2.tar.gz 
$ mv apr-1.5.2 apr
$ tar -xzvf apr-util-1.5.4.tar.gz
$ mv apr-util-1.5.4 apr-util

# add --with-included-apr option to ./configure apache
$ ./configure --with-included-apr --prefix=/home/dvn000/http/httpd-2.4.18/prefix/
configure: error: pcre-config for libpcre not found. PCRE is required and available from
# Download pcre and install
$ tar -xzvf pcre-8.38.tar.gz
$ cd pcre-8.38
$ mkdir prefix
$ ./configure --prefix=/home/dvn000/http/httpd-2.4.18/pcre-8.38/prefix
$ make; make install

# add --with-pcre to ./configure apache

$ ./configure --with-included-apr --with-pcre=/home/dvn000/http/httpd-2.4.18/pcre-8.38/prefix --prefix=/home/dvn000/http/httpd-2.4.18/prefix/
$ make; make install
$ cd prefix
$ ls
bin  build  cgi-bin  conf  error  htdocs  icons  include  lib  logs  man  manual  modules
Start httpd
$ sudo ./bin/apachectl -k start

AH00558: httpd: Could not reliably determine the server’s fully qualified domain name, using Set the ‘ServerName’ directive globally to suppress this message

# Edit ./conf/httpd.conf
ServerName localhost

$ sudo ./bin/apachectl -k restart

Now go to browser, enter localhost into linkbar and see It works!


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