What is virtual tty, pty in linux?


Switch between Virtual Terminals

[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Fn] key. [Fn] stands for F1 to F12 keys.

The same thing can be achieved by using a little command in Linux called chvt.

$ chvt 7

And to return to the 1st virtual terminal, type:

$ chvt 1

Suppose you have Imagemagick installed on your Linux machine and you wish to take a screenshot of your GUI while you are logged in at the console. Here is a simple way of doing it:

$ chvt 7; sleep 2; import -display :0.0 -window root screenshot-output.png; chvt 1;

What this does is, it first moves to virtual terminal 7, sleeps for 2 seconds, then use the import command to capture the screenshot of the desktop and save it in the file screenshot-output.png, and finally return back to virtual terminal 1 which was your original console. Cool isn’t it?